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How To Purchase A Cell Phone For A Senior Citizen

As we get older we all want to have a sense of autonomy. Part of that autonomy as we're getting older is the need to have a cell phone as none of us want to feel like we have to give up our freedoms. I know that I'll want my parents to be able to do so as long as possible and that's why I made sure I bought and taught my senior parents how to use a cell phone.

The problem with living on their own is the fact that if an accident happens the senior must have an outlet. When it comes down to it you should make sure that the senior in your life purchase a cell phone or you purchase one for them. The fact of the matter is purchasing a cell phone for a senior is a lot different than if you were purchasing one for a teenager. The reason for this is that both the needs and the requirements are different. The following will talk about how to purchase not just a cell phone, but the right cell phone for the senior in your life.

Thinking about Beneficial Features

You're the one that's going to know the senior better than anyone else so you'll know the features that they may or may not want. For the most part the senior is going to want 100% no frills. Other seniors are going to want to be able to get picture messages of the grandkids. This is going to be for the more non technophobic senior and you'll know if the senior you're purchasing the cell phone for is going to fit that mold or not. Predominately you're likely to find that the seniors are more technophobic and will want a cell phone with extremely easy options complete as a no frills package.

Regardless of if you're looking for any additional features or not you'll want to make sure that the cell phone you're purchasing has large buttons. A simple fact of getting older is the eyesight is always one of the things to go and that's where the large buttons are going to come into play making sure that the phone buttons can be read clearly.

Hearing and the Dial Tone

If there are hearing aids that the senior you're purchasing for utilizes then you'll need to make sure that the phone you're purchasing is a compatible model. Due to the fact that this is a more specialized necessity there isn't going to be as wide of a selection of phones. Even with that fact there are still plenty of carriers that will have the phones that will accommodate what you'll need through their current phone selection.

There is another consideration and that is making the cell phone as real as possible through the use of a dial tone. This will make it as close to a landline experience as possible. Traditionally though you don't have the dial tone on cell phones though and in order to make sure that some seniors know that the phone is working then you'll need to find a phone which will offer the dial tone feature.

Prepaid and Other Plan Options

You should make a consideration to both a prepaid cell phone and also potentially getting a small plan or adding a line to your current plan. The key though is to make sure that they have a phone which is going to make sure that they have the ability to be able to make a call and should there be an emergency there is going to be the phone outlet. The emergency outlet only is going to be a good instance where the prepaid phone is going to come in handy and probably be the best route. If the senior that you're purchasing for is going to want to use the phone a little more often and want to use some additional features like text or picture messaging than you're going to want to look into a basic plan. Another possibility other than that would be to add a line to your current plan. You can usually do that for around $10 a month with most carriers and they'll just use your minutes and you should have the option of free mobile to mobile on everything. This is going to save a lot of money and give them the outlet not just for an emergency, but to communicate with you and also receive some picture texts of the grandkids if they are a little more tech savvy. With most of the prepaid plans you're not going to have this option so this is where the regular plan is going to influence your decision. You're the one that knows the senior you're purchasing for more than and also better than anyone else so you'll be able to take everything into account and be able to make the best decision on the route to take.

Final Thoughts

There is one final thing that should be discussed and it is just as if not more important than the rest. That is to ensure that the phone that you're getting is simple enough for understanding while still allowing for them to have everything that they want and everything that they need. Finally, when it comes to a senior there are three different S's for you to keep in your mind when making your decisions. Simple enough for the senior to understand, simple enough for the senior to use and simple enough to contact emergency personnel quickly if something comes up.


How An Individual Cell Phone Wallpaper Can Give Your Phone New Personality

Today in the world we live in having a cell phone is a must and having the accessories that go along with it are good to have as well. People who are underage like to add stuff to their phones and you will see that they are the main people who do it. Even though the parents initially only get them the phone so they can stay in contact with them they still add stuff to it. Though the makers of cellular phones never saw a boom in them they are forced nowadays to make more and more of high tech cell phones. There are many reasons why having a cell is better than having a landline phone. You can take it with you wherever you go. You can have a camera on it, you can text message, you can do all kinds of things with a cell phone that you can't do with a regular phone.

If you are looking for cell phone wallpapers the internet is the best place to look. You can even send different wallpapers from person to person through text messaging. Pictures that you take with your cellular can also be added as back grounds. You can even have a digital camera photo as a background on your phone. You might also want to add text to the pictures to make them stand out. Even if your phone cannot hook up to the internet or cannot get online or wallpapers through other companies there is always a way. Just research your phone and find a way to get what you need and want on to your cell.

Just remember that you still need to follow cell phone manners. This includes not watching TV on your cellular phone while at a meeting or at school. Don't be on the internet or watching a baseball game on your phone while you are supposed to be working or at school. These are obviously important times during your day and it would be awful to have a fate in your job or have your phone taken away at school because you were fooling around.

If you follow the cell phone manners you will not get karma upon you. If you use your cell phone when you know you should then you probably shouldn't use it just have manners towards others. You don't need to abuse your cell phone its your phone and its not going anywhere it will always be with you no matter what. So just remember to use cell phone manners and don't abuse your cell phone the way other people abuse their cell phones today. Go out there and start learning about new ring tones and wallpapers.


The Dangers of Texting While Driving

There are many dangers to texting while driving. Today we're talking about the distractions and hazards of driving while you text.

We have all seen it (or done it) - a driver weaving back and forth, driving through traffic signals, and you see the person looking down at a cell phone and typing away.

Texting has become one of the primary sources of communication, and its usage continues to increase. Texting may be a good alternate means of communication, but we all owe it to ourselves and those around us to do so responsibly.

"Distracted driving" has become an increasing problem. There are three primary types of distraction according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

1. Visual: taking your eyes off the road;

2. Manual: taking your hands off the wheel; and

3. Cognitive: taking your mind off what you are doing.

Distracted driving includes not only texting, but also eating, talking to passengers, grooming, and changing the radio station. While all such distractions can endanger roadway safety, texting is the most dangerous because it involves all three types of distraction. In 2009, 5,474 people were killed, and an additional 448,000 were injured, in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted driving. Drivers who use hand-held devices are also four times as likely to get into an accident that causes them injury.

It's clear that texting while driving poses a problem, but the question remains - what do we do about it? In January, 2011 the Department of Transportation issued a federal texting ban for truckers, providing for fines of up to $2,750.00 for truck drivers who text while driving a commercial vehicle. Despite several bills presented in the Florida Legislature to prohibit texting while driving, no such bill passed.

We must all take the logical, common-sense initiative to make our roads safer by practicing what we all seem to preach. If we agree that texting while driving creates a serious threat to our safety, and the statistics surrounding distracted driving supports this belief, we all must vow to not to text while driving. This may seem simplistic, but keep that commitment in mind the next time you are driving and have the urge to pick up your phone to send a text message. We are confident that the intended recipient of your text would prefer to wait until you stop driving to receive it, rather than run the risk of causing an accident. Much like drinking and driving, texting and driving don't mix.


BlackBerry Bold 9900 Unlocked Phone

There was a time, not too long ago, when the pundits and other assorted prognosticators were predicting doom and gloom for RIM-based devices, simply because they were not open and their operating system was old, however, Apple has dispelled that notion not only with new versions of its own operating system iOS for its iPhone series, but with applications that let the iPhone work with Android applications as well as Microsoft apps.

That is exactly the same situation at Research in Motion, maker of the Blackberry series of smartphones such as the RIM Blackberry Bold 9900. For starters, the manufacturer has aimed this directly at the AT+T and T-Mobile market by allowing it to work in 3G mode, at a minimum. With changes that are likely to come in later versions of the RIM Blackberry operating system (now 10), it is likely that the Bold 9900 will be offering WiFi a/b/g/n capabilities, as well as hotspot ability.

And improvements in the operating system have not only expanded its Bluetooth ability but also its ability to make full use of Bluetooth devices for streaming audio. Bluetooth is another method of using and addressing great sound capability. It is made for more than just earpieces and messaging devices.

That the 9900 has been thoroughly enhanced can be shown by one feature, voice activation. As the operating system and electronics packages have been upgraded, the 9900 offers voice-activation of any of the many applications that have been written to work under the Blackberry operating system.

The key to the Blackberry operating system, like iOS, is that RIM is stepping beyond just its own hardware and is offering a series of applications that let a user have access to offerings from Apple or from Pandora or from Microsoft. That means one has quite a variety of software from which to choose and use.

Further, the 9900 boasts a new liquid-style capacitive touchscreen so that you have the option of not only using the full QWERTY-style keyboard with which the 9900 comes equipped, but you also have access to nearly 16 million color combinations from the nearly 3-inch display screen that sits neatly atop the keyboard. Indeed, the built-in keyboard is a great feature if you are into texting or sending and receiving corporate or personal email as Bold offers an application that works with Microsoft's Exchange server. The upgrades to the 9900 and its operating system are likely to offer not only mail through RIM's own system, but, if you look closely at the applications that are available, you will likely find there is now an iOS-compatible mail application.

Using the keyboard and your thumbs, you will find that it is easier and quicker to prepare and send an email or text than it is when you have to not only have to dedicate part of your screen (if your smartphone has a larger screen, in the first place) then you have to lose part of your screen to the keyboard and you will likely find that you have to use a stylus to write your email. The QWERTY-style keyboard, on the other hand, is there and all you have to do is thumb your email or text and send it. It is far easier and quicker to work with.

Another change you will find is that the 9900 offers a menu-style pushbutton that not only allows you to navigate the screen, but you can also use it to access an application. Earlier Blackberry models used a button-like device on the side not only to navigate but also to advocate an application by just pressing the button.

Finally, the Bold 9900 offers full GPS and mapping capability.

Altogether, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is a good device. As an upgrade, it shows that there is still room on the market for proprietary devices. All it takes is the proper application, especially if they are developed by the company so you know they work correctly from the start with no problems.


Palm Pixi Plus GSM with WebOS Touch Screen 2 MP Camera And Wi-Fi

At one time, Palm was "the" name in the handheld market and while it was not strictly a phone, it could be synchronized with your desktop computer so that one could receive and place emails, although phone calls were out of the question but that has changed now as Palm has joined the ranks for those offering AT&T's GSM WiFi phone service.

In the mid- to late-1990s, the name Palm and its operating system were the powerhouses in the handheld market. With the right dock hooked to your desktop and the right software, one could send and receive emails, as well as text. One could also create documents and, if your PC had a mailing system and could use the Microsoft Mail Exchange server, one could mail those documents to another user who could then sync his or her Palm device and take the document along in their Palm handheld.

Now Palm has entered the Internet phone market with its Pixi Plus, a very reasonably priced and sized Internet-based phone that gives one access to the entire AT&T GSM/EDGE/GPRS quad-band phone spectrum at 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz and its UMTS/HSDPA dual-band service at 850 and 1900 MHz. This spectrum will not work with CDMA-based networks offered by Verizon, Sprint or Alltel.

Like Blackberrys, one of the features that users who like real keyboards will find an attraction is its full, front-mounted QWERTY-style keyboard. Using this backlighted keyboard, one can easily send text messages or email messages quite quickly, while touchscreen-based keyboards can be very slow if you must use a stylus to generate the message. The keyboard is also compatible with the social media sites Facebook, Google and Linked-In

The Pixi is a surprisingly good phone at an attractive price. It's about average-sized at 4.37 by 0.43 by 2.17 inches, weighing a total of 3.2 ounces. Don't let its size and weight fool you, the Pixi offers you talk time of about five-and-a-half hours before it needs a trip to the charging cable.

Its high-contrast color display is about two-and-a-half inches and can act as a touchscreen, if necessary as can all small phones. That display unlocks the world of AT&T's 20,000-plus national hotspots to you as this is a WiFi 802.11 phone. This makes the Pixi compatible with AT&T's Navigator GPS system that gives you turn-by-turn directions to a site.

The Pixi can be equipped with up to 8 GB of internal memory and features a 2 MP camera/camcorder. Given the number of applications that are built in to the Pixi, you will find that you have more internal memory available for video or images than you think. Remember, though, that the 2 MP camera is good for home snaps or quick shots. It is not meant for high resolution video (usually a 3.2 MP camera is best for home photography as this is roughly 640 by 480 - VGA standard - and shows up best on other camera or computer systems). Still, a 2 MP automatic camera/camcorder - a device that allows you to take videos - is a nice addition, especially when you can use the entire screen as the viewfinder for the Pixi.

Finally, the Palm Pixi shows that Bluetooth is for more than just answering a headset/phone or pairing with your vehicle's phone system, you can use it to stream audio. Bluetooth operates in a specific range of frequencies and since it is an RF-based system, you can take any audio source to which you might happen to be listening, such as an audio service, and then allows you to stream the audio through another, remote Bluetooth device. It is a nice feature that rounds out a a very nice offering at a price that won't break the bank but which will still work well.


Making Use Of The Cellular Phone Tracker To Track Mobile Phones

A phone tracking software is used to trace the owner of a particular phone as well as the phone calls done by the mobile phone owner. Using this program, you can monitor the precise location of the holder of the target cellular phone. The good thing about this program is that the specific phone holder won't be able to discover the program or even the log data associated with the cellular phone spying activities.

Different Tracking Capabilities Supported By The Cellular Phone Tracker

Individuals make use of this phone tracking software to track the activities performed by a suspicious person. The various spying capabilities maintained by the phone spy software are presented below:

1. Capability to secretly hear the calls made by the targeted person through the mobile phone

2. Capability to see the texts sent to and from the target mobile phone

3. Capacity to remotely turn on the mic feature of the targeted cell phone and hear the conversations done by the suspicious person

4. If there is a GPS service on the target cell phone, it provides the capability to trace the actual whereabouts of the questionable individual

5. Capacity to browse the email delivered to and from the target device

6. Ability to know the call record in the target cellular phone as well as the phonebook

With such an array of functions being supported by the cellular phone spy software, it has found its usage in an array of domestic and corporate purposes. Several of the usual household and company purposes for which the software has been made use of are given below.

Common Applications Of The Mobile Phone Tracking Software

1. The program can be used by one of the partners in a romantic relationship, when he/she feels that the other one is cheating on him/her.

2. Mothers and fathers may also make use of this software to monitor the actions of the children.

3. Any detective service could use the software to track someone and use the information to set up a top secret tactic.

4. Businesses could use the mobile phone tracker to monitor the activities of the staff, who have been supplied with company cell phones. Making use of the software, supervisors could view all the texts sent by the personnel and verify whether the employee is divulging any company secret. In the same manner, the software has the ability to view the MMS messages sent by the personnel.

5. Individuals could use this software program to track their own phone, when it gets misplaced. One of the many features supported by the cell phone tracker is it alerts the one who lost the phone, when the person who has taken the cell phone changes the existing SIM card.

In case you as a person or as a company owner need to track the questionable actions of certain people, you may install the software on the targeted cell phone without worrying about the holder of the phone being conscious of this.


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