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How to Conduct a Successful Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Search to Avoid Pranksters

Almost everyone is using cell phones and majority of them have reported blank and prank calls but we never realized the need for reverse cell phone lookup search to find who are behind those prank calls. Sometimes you receive completely blank calls, sometimes missed calls, calls from telemarketers, wrong calls and over-enthusiastic teenagers' calls during New Year. Well, many times we ignore them, presuming this could be a missed call.

But if you receive excessive number of missed calls quite often, it is a high time to take help of reverse phone lookup directory. However, if you think that you can find the owners' details otherwise, you may take the help of search engines but if you are lucky, you may find some little information about the number or you may land up at forum where people have mentioned about that cell phone or landline phone number.

But you certainly can not rely on your luck for all the time. What if you try all your online sources and do not find owners' details for that troubling cell phone number?

In such circumstances, you need the help of reverse cell phone lookup directory which must have the huge database of the cell phone and landline phone numbers. These reverse phone lookup directories are very powerful and store millions of fresh cell phones and landline phone numbers in their database so you always get up-to-date information.

Many people are misled with White & Yellow pages and reverse phone lookup directories. White & Yellow pages are mostly useful to find addresses if you have contact name but not the numbers. Reverse phone lookup directories are useful to find out owners details including addresses for cell phone and landline phone numbers both. Moreover, reverse phone lookup directories have greater advantage as they are online, frequently updated and easily searchable from any computer that has internet connection. White & Yellow pages also do not include all cell phone numbers so you can not do reverse cell phone numbers in White & Yellow pages.

An ideal reverse phone directory can do reverse cell phone as well as landline phone numbers. It will provide a detailed report based for any phone number that will include the name of owner, service carrier, present address, current location and even household numbers. This service can help you in great way to trace back any phone number which was earlier limited to only police and licensed private investigators.

However, the irony is that there are only handful reverse cell phone lookup directories available online which provide reliable information. With so many free websites floating around the net claiming providing free services, it is very difficult to choose the right reverse phone service for your requirement.

We have also seen some nasty comments from members who fell prey to free and cheap reverse phone lookup directories and realized their mistakes later. It is certainly not possible for any reverse cell phone directories to provide all information free of cost as it requires good amount of investment, right resources for information as well as skilled workforce to provide reliable information.

So, how to choose the right reverse phone lookup directory. Well, an ideal reverse cell phone lookup directory will not charge you unless it has complete information for that cell phone or landline phone number. It means you can put any phone number in the search box for free and get some information completely free. When you get that information and feel that the free details are valid then you can pay for that number and get complete information.

Not all reverse cell phone directories update their databases frequently. In fact, many of them have outdated and copied databases, which they do not own. When you are becoming a paid member, you need to check the popularity of the reverse phone lookup directory, their database etc. You can also do free reverse phone lookup search for few known cell phone numbers and find out if the directory provides correct information.

The genuine reverse cell phone directory provides two options for payment. Either you can pay for one phone number and get the details or make one-time payment for annual membership that will give you an access for unlimited number of reverse cell phone numbers. Do not become a paid member unless you do make few reverse phone lookup searches and see satisfactory results.

Please visit at http://www.reversecellphoneonline.com and you can get basic information about your cell phone or landline phone numbers in few clicks.


Cheap Cell Phone Accessories: To Beautify Your Cell Phone

According to cell phone accessory reviews, there are various good cell phone accessories on the market today that can be used to make the cellular phone more beautiful, helpful and durable. There are cheap cell phone accessories that allow persons to change the look of their phone, change the ring tones that are on the phone and many more simple fixes.

These cheap cell phone accessories can be found online and also in discount shops. There are also sometimes some phone deals with accessories that can be found in mobile phone shops so when a new cell phone is purchased, there are many different accessories that come with it for free or at a cheaper price.


One of the most popular cheap cell phone accessories is the cell phone cover. These cell phone covers come in a number of different formats. One type is a rubber cell phone cover which helps to protect the mobile phone from damage if it is dropped or scraped against another thing.

Another kind of mobile phone cover is made of plastic material and it is either clear or is made in numerous colors or designs to allow the look of the phone to be changed as well as to protect it from damage. There are people who change the design of their mobile phone through these cheap cell phone accessories in order to make them choose their outfit for the day or the type of situation that they will be in like pleasure or business.

Another kind of cheap cell phone accessory is the cell phone holder. There are several cell phone cases that will clip to the belt or to the purse strap so the cellular phone is for use at all times. There are also several purses and other bags that have a cellular phone holder in it so that the phone is safe and available for use. There are also some brief cases and computer cases which have mobile phone holders within them and place to hold the phone chargers and other cheap cell phone accessories.

Besides the cheap cell phone accessories, there are other accessories which are not inexpensive to purchase. You will find headsets, batteries and other device that can be helpful to the individual who is using the cell phone. In addition, there are some fun sites online that enable individuals to change wallpaper and ring tones, only for fun.


Cell Phone Booster Reviews - Dispelling the Myths

What are the major usability points where a Cell Phone Signal Booster is actually helpful? Do cell phone boosters really work? What is it that a Cell Phone Signal Booster CAN do?
* It amplifies weak signals (1-2 bars) multiple times and converts them into better signal (4-5 bars). To find out whether a cell phone signal booster will add any value, you just need to identify an area with at least some cellular connectivity. Remember to try each area at least for 30 seconds as almost all cell phones have a delay before they can register the signal strength when they are placed a new area.
* It eliminates or reduces the issue of poor reception
* It eliminates or reduces the frequency of dropped calls
* It increases the battery life of the cellular phone
* Most of the cell phone boosters work well with all major North American Cellular Carriers (depends on the type of the booster. They need to be certified by the FCC as well as the Carrier)
* It supports multiple cell phones and multiple cellular data cards (for selected boosters only) usage in the coverage area
* If your cell phone can make calls, but cannot receive any due to bad signal issues, a cell phone booster can change this scenario easily. The same also applies to a situation which is exactly opposite to above - i.e. you can receive calls but cannot make one.
* A cell phone signal booster can also be useful if you are facing problems with cellular connection while you are driving
* It enhances data connectivity of your cell phone. So, the amount of time required for downloading a content from the internet to your cell phone reduces
* A cell phone booster also reduces the emission of radiation from your cell phone as it doesn't have to exert any strain anymore while connecting to the cell tower
o How can a Cell phone booster eliminate radiation? The cell phone device puts out more radiation when they work harder to keep up with signal fluctuation. When you have a change in signal strength the phone device works to compensate for any change to amplify a weak signal puts out more radiation studied to have harmful effects in children and anyone who have not fully grown into adults.
o Why a radiation from phone is bad and the radiation from a cell booster is good? The radiation is directly related to the distance from where you hold the phone against your tissue, the FCC calls it SAR .The farther the source of the radiation the lesser the ill effects.
* A cell phone booster also enhances the coverage area of your cell phone. So, if you are getting limited coverage in a limited area of your home, you can now have better coverage in an extended area in your home.
* You can experience better call quality after you install a cell phone signal booster
* If you experience weak or slow text messaging, 3G broadband, WAP or any other cellular function - a cell phone booster can help you. For broadband data services, a cellular booster will not only increase the coverage area, but it can improve data transfer speeds; unleashing the full potential of your mobile phone or 3G data card.
* A cell phone booster also enhances the broadband speed. A booster also improves the signal for broadband data services such as EVDO, HSDPA etc., which will increase the speed at which they work. For a cell phone booster, there is no difference between a cell signal and broadband data services. Therefore, you can expect improvements in all available broadband data services including EVDO, HSDPA and UMTS technologies that utilize the same cellular tower for data exchanges. This is also true for broadband data cards. This improvement in signal strength will result in better coverage area for these services, and faster data transfer. If you want your cell phone booster to improve broadband data services then you must buy a cell phone booster with the right frequency for you. List of services a cell phone booster can improve:
o 3G-CDMA2000
o 1 x RTT
o 2 x RTT
o 1xEVDO
o 1xEVDO Rev A
o IS-95A
o 2G-IS-95A
What a Cell Phone booster CANNOT do?
* A cell phone signal booster cannot "create" signal. It cannot change a no bar or zero bars into multiple bars. The area where to install the booster needs to have at least some connectivity.
* Cell Phone signal boosters do not damage your cell as they are fully tested, approved and certified by the FCC.
* Cell phone boosters cannot harm the carrier network in any way. All cell phone boosters have adaptive gain control (AGC) as standard. If the antennas are not properly separated and the signal begins to oscillate (due to feedback effects), the booster will automatically reduce its gain. This is why the gain in the technical specifications is often listed as "adaptive" or "maximum", as the AGC may limit the gain. As long as you set-up the cell phone booster correctly, then there should not be an issue.


When It Comes To Telemarketers Calling Your Cell Phone The Law Is On Your Side

Many things have gotten easier with the advancement of cell phones. People can stay more in touch, be more up to date, be safer in possibly unsafe situations, work harder and play harder. Despite many rumors and fears, one thing not getting easier is telemarketing.

Telemarketers are one of the most dreaded phone calls for many telephone users. People have tried to avoid telemarketer calls with unlisted numbers, caller ID, call screening, Do Not Call lists and the law. The law is possibly the least considered; especially considering it is already in place for you the consumer.

The rise of cell phones has brought several concerns; including the concern over telemarketers gaining access to cell phone number lists. Many people consider their cell phones to be more private than a landline phone. Strangers calling this number can be received as an invasion of personal space and privacy. Several considerations must be taken into account before becoming too concerned over this issue.

First, there currently is no cell phone number list available to telemarketers. Numerous large phone companies had discussed creating a large cell phone database, but to no avail. As the cell phone movement progresses, keep track of what your cell phone company is doing with your number (and phone records). If a database does exist within your company, it may be possible to ask to be taken off the list. Many companies are concerned about customer fears and consequences to the company because of those fears. Try sending an email or writing a letter stating what you think about a cell phone number list. Enough of a similar opinion can sway the head decision maker of a company.

Secondly, the law is on the cell phone owner's side. It is currently illegal for a telemarketer to make a telemarketing call to a cell phone number if the telemarketer is using an automated dialer. Most telemarketing companies use the automatic dialer technique, thus could not call your cell phone even if they had gotten hold of your number.

If all else fails, you can register you cell phone number with the National Do Not Call List. A telemarketer cannot call you if your number is in this registry the number. This registry is the same one you may have registered your landline phone number with. You may register your cell phone (and land line) with this registry at any time.

If you are continually getting telemarketing type calls on your cell phone, do some research into what type of other lists you may be on. Sometimes signing up for something (magazines, free offers, etc) puts the phone number you have provided on a list salable to outside companies. You should also confirm that groups who do have your phone number do not create such a list, or at least ensure that you are not on such a list.


How To Find The Perfect Cellular Ringtone For Your Cell Phone Now

To take advantage of all of the competition in the cell phone industry you will need to have a phone that is compatible with everything. You should be able to add anything to your phone without much trouble. The big competition doesn't stop here it goes on with ring tones and wallpapers. Cell phone ring tones and wall papers are among the highest of accessories for your cell phone today.

Since the competition is good between many companies experts with the cell phones are able to make ring tones and wallpapers for cell phones quick to be the market. They try and make them as quick as possible before someone else gets to make a newer and better ring tone and there are only a few top hits out there.

Ring tone converters are things that enable you to send ring tones to your friends and others. If you are big into your cell phone then you may want to get a phone that has a tone composer on it as well. After you have a composer for tones on your phone you will be able to edit them and make them to how you like them. If you wanted to add a favorite song as a ring tone all you would have to do is convert it with this cell phone ring tone converter then edit it on your cell phone with the ring tone composer.

After all that there are all kinds of websites that have free and pricey ring tones. There is still the old way of SMS to getting ring tones but the best way is through the converter.

If you know your cell phone and it has a built in composer and converter than you will have no problem in editing and getting a ring tone on your phone. With have reading this you can now pick what kind you need.

Now since you know al about ring tones now you can go on the internet and get some real tones if you have a converter and composer to edit them. I wouldn't suggest getting tones until you know what you are doing first read and see if they cost money because they won't ask for your credit card they will just bill it to your bill for your cell phone every month. That's how they get you, you sign up for free ring tones every month and they keep sending them and keep billing you every month. Don't be fooled by these websites. They will trick you and the ring tones won't even be of good quality. They will be pricy and will be of lower quality just to get you to buy them even though they look good.


How Much Does Your Cell Phone Help You In Your Daily Life

The cell phone was designed to make you feel safer and give you more freedom. Is the cell phone holding up to this claim?

In the case of a car accident, mugging or a back woods accident, a cell phone is a life saving device. If you are an international businessman or student, a cell phone is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to keep in touch. If you often have off site meetings or travel frequently for work, your cell phone can allow you to alert clients if you are running a little ahead or behind schedule. If you are the CIA or NSA, cell phones make it easier to track down any wireless device user. Does that make the world safer? It certainly has the ability to take away from your freedom as a United States citizen.

Before cell phones were used more often than landlines, recording a phone conversation without being noticed was not simple. The person wanting the recording needed to attach a physical device on the actual phone wire. Only skilled and practiced professionals could successfully get recordings unnoticed. Although authorities had access to land line phone calls, court permission was required before access to phone records was granted. Any phone conversation you had was going to be kept relatively private. Two things have changed this. The first being the current presidential power. Secondly, and more long term, is the ease of which cell phone conversations can be recorded. Anyone with some type of recorder walking down a populated street will pick up several one sided conversations offered by loud conversationalists on their cell phones. More technical and concerning, however is the ease of using and obtaining interception devices.

Interception devices may look like a fancy briefcase, but they are the 21st century's glass cups. An interceptive tool can be charged up and used without an attached power source. However, many devices come with a power supply so you do not lose power just as the cell phone user admits what you knew he would. If you are not a member of the law enforcement, the penalty for owning a portable interceptive device is jail time. It is quite unlikely you will get any refund from the $20,000 or more spent on the interception device.

A second type of interception is cell phone cloning. Each cell phone has two unique numbers: a serial number and a telephone number. The radio wave transmissions that are sent out from your cell phone may transmit these numbers. Someone monitoring these transmissions can then use your unique numbers and essentially, act as you via your telephone. If you are concerned about this type of interception look into purchasing an authentication system for your cell phone.


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